Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jocko's Steakhouse Review: Amazing Steak and Value

I've been eager to go back to Jocko's ever since our visit last year. We specially took the longer Route 101 drive back home from Point Reyes so that we could make a stop at Jocko's near Morro Bay for dinner. The steak was just as delicious as I remembered, I hadn't had such perfectly cooked steak since our last visit to Jocko's. I don't even bother with other steakhouses anymore, since nothing can compare with Jocko's, in terms of taste and value. I had the large Spencer Steak and K. had the New York Strip, just like last year. The steak has unbelievable char and flavor from the direct flames from the special red oak charcoal. The Spencer is a ribeye, juicy and meaty, and the New York Strip is a little leaner, with more concentrated flavor. There's not really any ambiance, the decor reminds me a little of a dark 70's style lodge with a dim bar and dark wood paneling, service is fine but not particularly friendly, and the crowd is a hodgepodge mix of locals and visitors. The place is always packed with people waiting outside so be prepared to wait for awhile without reservations. It was still $27 for the steak, breadsticks and salsa, the random carrot sticks, pickles, peppers, olives plate, iceberg lettuce salad, potato, coffee and ice cream. The sides are really strange, but the steak is the star and you leave totally stuffed. With $5 corkage for a Paso Robles bordeaux blend that we brought with us, we were out of there for less than $65 before tip. Beat that! Can't wait to go back.
Yes, I did finish the whole thing and every bite was delicious
Jocko's Steak House
125 Thompson Street
Nipomo, CA 93444
(805) 929-3565

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