Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 4: Last Stop

 You can see the flames of leaping off of the charcoal
On our way back to LA, we had the best steak I've had in years at Jocko's in Nipomo (close to Santa Maria, which is between Santa Barbara wine country and Morro Bay).  Jocko's style is referred to as "Santa Maria BBQ," where top block sirloin is cooked over red oak coal flames.  The restaurant sources its dry aged steaks from Colorado and then most importantly, cooks the steaks over an open fire over red oak charcoal.  The result is a wonderfully flavorful steak with great smoky flavor from the charcoal.  We ordered the large Spencer steak, which is a ribeye cut, and the New York Sirloin.
 The Spencer
I loved my Spencer steak, it was so juicy and every bite was so flavorful, rich and delicious.  I liked the sirloin a lot; it was much more lean than the Spencer, but had great concentrated flavor.  The photos are a little deceiving; the steak is actually a lot bigger in person.  Not only is the steak some of the best steak I've had (right up there with Peter Luger's in Williamsburg, NY), but it is an incredible deal: for $27, you get the steak, breadsticks and salsa, antipasto, salad, garlic bread, baked potato, ice cream and coffee / tea.  The side dishes aren't great, but it doesn't really matter, the steak is awesome and you leave completely stuffed.  Corkage is only $5 as well; we had our wedding red wine: the 2005 Chateau D'aiguilhe Cotes du Castillon bordeaux which was perfect with the steaks.
It was such an incredible dinner at a great value, about $65 before tip, which really can't be beat elsewhere.  Reservations are recommended during dinner hour; we walked in a 4pm on a Sunday and the restaurant was packed; we had to wait about half an hour for a table.  It is a very casual place, and no real decor to speak of, but the food is definitely the star.  I definitely want to make a trip back to Jocko's soon.

Jocko's Steak House
125 N. Thompson Ave
Nipomo, CA  93444
(805) 929-3565

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