Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Golf and Yoga

Who knew that it was such a good combination?  I took a much needed half-hour lesson with James Hwang at the Rancho Park Golf Course this afternoon.  My grip was fine, a couple of areas needed minor adjustment: my stance (shoulders back more) and backswing (more open and not as tight or far back) and finish (just a little bit higher with the club), and I still need to work on relaxing and staying loose through contact with the ball.  I still have a tendency to tighten up as I am about to hit the ball.  He also had a camera and computer set up, which was very useful in analyzing my swings and helping me realize just what needed adjustment and comparing my progress.  I highly recommend James for private lessons: in a half hour, my swing improved dramatically and I hit some really good balls; I just now need to be more consistent in visiting the driving range to continue progressing.  I think I'm going to try and hit up an actual golf course tomorrow to see how I do.  After golf, I decided to test myself and went to a challenging class at Yogahop with Kourtney, always a good way to end an afternoon.  I may have pushed myself a little too hard during class though, I was definitely exhausted after the class and I think I will be feeling some serious aches and pains tomorrow.  Good thing I didn't have much to do tonight but watch the Lakers survive the Celtics (go Lakers!).

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