Monday, June 14, 2010

Floyd After

Not sure if Floyd likes his haircut; he looks like a lost little lamb
Yes, that is the same dog; the ears are the only clue.  We gave Floyd his first in-home haircut yesterday.  Armed with almost $200 worth of equipment from Jeffers and Amazon, we were ready to give it our best shot.  We figured since grooming around here costs ~$65+, the equipment pays for itself pretty quickly, plus we might be more encouraged to do it on a regular basis to prevent him from becoming a shaggy mess in the first place. We bought the Andis AGC Super 2 speed clippers, 2 Andis 7FC blades, a dremel for their nails, curved shears from Fromm, and assorted clipper accessories.  I highly recommend Jeffers, based out of Alabama, for pet supplies; they have great prices on all sorts of equipment.  Floyd was pretty matted, plus it's getting warm outside, so we gave him a summer cut where we pretty much shaved him down completely.  Our new friend Sue, who was a former dog groomer, was kind enough to advise us on all the right equipment to buy and also come over and show us how to do it.  It took over an hour because of the sheer volume of hair and also because of all the mats, which are tricky, but Floyd was quite patient through it all and very well-behaved.  We'll probably continue to cut his body to this length on a monthly basis, but leave more hair around his face, so he doesn't look so peculiar.  His ears look huge on his tiny body.  Floyd mid-cut:
Takes many hands to do this
Almost ready for his close up
 Otis is thinking, "who is this dog next to me, and what did you do with Floyd?"

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