Thursday, June 3, 2010

Farmer's Market A-Bloom

Squash blossoms: I've never cooked with them, but I will give it a shot
We were able to hit up the Wednesday farmer's market on the earlier side yesterday and therefore had some of the best selection of produce that we've had in awhile.  Going to the farmer's market is definitely time consuming but well-worth it; the selection of produce is much wider than at our local Whole Foods, and it is cheaper too!  The farmer's market also seems to get in-season local produce sooner than Whole Foods, which seems to have a bit of a lag.  Now that we go pretty much every week, we have our favorite vendors and therefore are able to do our shopping much more efficiently.  We didn't have any specific meals planned or shopping list, so we just bought what looked the best and was in season. We bought some summer squash that we will probably grill on a grill pan and put it on top of salad greens while still warm (good price at $1.00 / lb and no pesticides):
More heirloom cherry tomatoes for salad / pastas:
Lots of organic salad greens: a big bag of arugula and a big bag of italian mix (wild arugula, mizuna, radicchio)
Our first cherries of the seasons: we bought a basket of the red bing cherries, which were sweeter than the yellow-orange rainier cherries:
Organic avocados for more guacamole:
Beets for roasting for salads:
Our first heirloom tomato, probably will just served it sliced with some burrata, fresh basil and balsamic
Peaches and strawberries also looked good, but we skipped them this week:
Our loquats (pi pa) are so much better. Maybe we should start selling them at the market

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