Thursday, June 10, 2010

Manhattan in California

I went to Manhattan Beach today for the first time ever with Jen and Dee Dee to check out a new yoga studio, The Green Yogi.  The picture above is a poor iphone representation of Manhattan Beach, but I thought it was a little gem of a neighborhood; I could totally see how it is one of the most desirable places to live in Los Angeles.  The main street is perched on a hill which slopes down towards the beach and ocean, so there are very nice ocean views from many blocks and apartments / houses.  The apartments and bungalows are small and crowded together, but quaint and charming, and there are a ton of cute little restaurants, coffee shops and stores.  It just has a great neighborhood-y, walk-able, casual, beachy vibe to it.  The Green Yogi was a nice space with a lovely entrance and outdoor area, but unfortunately the teacher and therefore the class just wasn't very good.  Despite being labeled "power" yoga, it wasn't very challenging, lacked many "standard" poses, and was a little "preachy."  I don't like it when teachers read long "inspirational" passages during savasana; it's supposed to be my time to rest and recover.  I have two more sessions as part of my "newcomer" package, but I won't be making it a regular destination (plus it is just too far from Santa Monica).

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