Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Bay View Cottage: A Bucolic Haven in Point Reyes

View from the cottage
I fell in love with Point Reyes immediately upon arrival. It is so peaceful, quiet and idyllic: rolling hills with grass, bright blue skies with occasional puffy white clouds, lots of fat happy cows grazing and chilling, the sparkling water of the bay. We stayed in the perfect spot to enjoy this bucolic life: a Bay View Cottage just north of the quaint little town of Point Reyes Station. I can't remember another place that I've stayed at that I've liked so much. I'm hesitant to write about it because I want to make sure I can get reservations the next time I head to Point Reyes which hopefully will be soon. The cottage had plenty of room, including a sitting area with a nice window seat, galley kitchen, breakfast nook and a private deck with sitting areas and a hot tub. The best part were the views; the entire cottage and deck faced north with panoramic views of the rolling hills, neighboring small herd of cows, with the shimmering bay and the lush green hills of Inverness in the distance. There was only a single house, a couple hundred yards away, that was visible from the cottage. The cottage was adjacent to the owner's house at the top of a hill, but faced the other direction entirely so there was plenty of privacy, peace and quiet. I could just sit for hours on the deck with a glass of wine enjoying the fresh air, watching the cows and deers graze, the birds swooping around overhead and the clouds passing through the sky. The only sounds were the rustling of the wind in the grass, the occasional mooing cow, and chirping birds. It really was so relaxing, a great escape from city life. I could spend weeks holed up in the cottage, cooking with all the amazing local organic produce and foodstuff (like cheese!), reading and working, and also fully decompressing and enjoying the rustic life. I can't wait to return to Point Reyes especially to stay at the Bay View again.
Hard to see in this picture, but a couple of deer in the second hill and cows at the top of the third hill
Love the deck
Comfortable, clean and spacious for 2
Our friends, the neighboring herd of cows. They seemed very happy, spending all day wandering up and down the hill.

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