Friday, December 10, 2010

Time for New Sunglasses

I'm in the mood for new sunglasses and have been obsessed with the Lanvin x H&M sunglasses, especially at their original price of $19.99.  Of course they sold out immediately at launch and no one has returned them to the stores, while on ebay, they are selling for $150+ which is just ridiculous for a pair of $19.99 sunglasses. I decided to do some research online to see if there were any similar styles, perhaps higher quality, for reasonable prices.  I found out that the Lanvin x H&M sunglasses were most similar in style to the Lanvin Way Shiner (long since sold out) and Grey Ant Status sunglasses, which at $200+, were way over my budget for somewhat trendy glasses.
Grey Ant Status
Lanvin Way Shiner: ooh, crystals...
I ended up ordering two pairs online, the Carrie Sunglasses in tortoiseshell from Fred Flare (only $11, even cheaper than Lanvin x H&M, and free shipping with the coupon code "poppy"), and the Sabre Poolside LTD in matte black from Zappos for $74.25.  It was my first time ordering from Zappos; I called them after I placed my order and they upgraded my account to VIP, which means free overnight shipping.  Great customer service from Zappos! Unfortunately the Sabre Poolside LTD order was placed before the VIP upgrade, which means I'll just have to be patient.  Who knows, they could all look ridiculous on my face, but I'll update this post with reviews of both sunglasses when I receive them next week, can't wait! (See updates at bottom of post, nay on the Sabres)
Sabre Poolside LTD
Fred Flare Carrie Sunglasses
The other pair of sunglasses that I've been debating are the Ray-Ban Wayfarer High Street / Round in black.  I think I'll pass; I don't really want to spend over $100 on a new pair of sunglasses.

Update (12/17/10): not a fan of the Sabre glasses, blech.  Way too long on the face. I like the Fred Flare Carrie Sunglasses though! They are huge on my face, which is the intended effect, and decent quality.  It's a little dark when I wear them indoors, not as good as my more expensive sunglasses, but the materials seem sturdy.

I also found these sunglasses online below which look pretty similar to the Lanvin and Grey Ant.  At $15 with an online coupon code, they were worth a shot; hope the quality is decent.  I hate cheap sunglasses which are difficult to see out of, particular in low light.  Update: the bleudame sunglasses arrived today and they are fun! The brand is Kiss Sunglasses and the quality is ok, I've seen worse.  They are a little dark indoors and I prefer not to wear them while driving, but otherwise I'm really happy with them! Unfortunately the style that I purchased is currently sold out, but the other style, 2521 is still in stock.  2521 is a little lighter on the bottom, similar to the Lanvin Way Shiners.  I think the Fred Flare sunglass lenses are a bit better quality, but I think this style is so fun (and over the top).


  1. Loving reading up on a fellow SaMoian. I'm dying over the new Wayfarer Highstreets. Might be time to retire my purple Wayfarers and replace them with these babies. A little more classic and I adore the tortoiseshell.

    Keep on blogging! I think you're great.


  2. Thanks for reading elayce! I do really like the round shape of the Wayfarer High Streets; gives it just that even more retro touch. We'll see, if the sunglasses I ordered online don't work out, I'll definitely be coming back to these.



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