Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Calbi BBQ Truck - Pretty Bad

I was on my way to Nijiya Market to pick up some groceries when I saw the Calbi BBQ truck parked across the street on Sawtelle.  I decided to give it a shot since it was 2pm and I hadn't had lunch yet; I was totally famished.  I ordered the beef taco and the pork taco for 1.99 each.  I thought both were pretty bad; my biggest complaint was the quality of the meat.  Pretty much taco place I've tried, from Tacos Por Favor to Kogi BBQ, has had significantly better quality of meat; this truly tasted like thinly shaved end scraps of not very high quality meat to begin with.  The meat also had no real flavor; tasted like boiled or microwaved meat doused with some sauce.  It truly made me appreciate Kogi, where you can tell that the meat has been carefully marinated, and grilled / cooked in a way to add even more flavor.  Calbi added cheese on the taco, which Kogi does not do.  Normally I love cheese, but this was again low quality, dry flavorless institutional quality shredded cheese which really added nothing to the taco.  It was really a disappointment and I certainly won't be returning.

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