Thursday, December 30, 2010

ORD Pub Crawl

Despite being as perfect of a winter day as possible, Chicago is reliably and massively delayed and we are having issues getting back to la. Thanks to my OCD nature, i arrived at the Syracuse airport five hours early in order to try and get on the earlier flight. I was able to standby on the earlier flight, which, despite being four hours delayed, has managed to get me to Chicago for my connecting flight to LA. We still have a three hour layover, but making wise use of the time by hitting up a few of the craft brew bars in the airport. We started at berghofs for the eponymous berghof lager and now are at the goose island pub. K is trying the goose island honked ale and I'm having the matilda Belgian ale. Despite spending at least 14 hours traveling, I will be very thankful if I get back to la.

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