Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kogi Truck: the Blackjack Quesadilla

On our way to lunch at Ramenya, we saw the Kogi truck parked on Olympic so we decided to reroute and get lunch at the Kogi truck, since my parents hadn't tried it yet.  We ordered two short rib tacos, 1 spicy pork tacos, and the Blackjack quesadilla with spicy pork and caramelized onions.  Everyone really liked everything! The food is really tasty and unique, just a little on the salty side, as we found with A-Frame as well.  Roy Choi, the owner, was hanging around the truck (we also saw him at A-Frame), but I didn't have the courage to approach him and say what's up.  Honestly, he's a little intimidating; just doesn't seem like the most approachable guy.

Our late Kogi lunch wrapped up a long morning of holiday shopping at the Westside Pavilion and Westfield Century City Mall.  We accomplished what we set out to buy, and even picked up some bonus items: some returned Lanvin x H&M items that I've been on the lookout for, including the zebra trench coat, one of the embellished t-shirts and chain and pearl necklace / belt.  Original post updated with pictures of the new items.

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