Tuesday, December 21, 2010

YogaWorks Main Street and Lululemon

Thanks to Lululemon (toxic shopping bags notwithstanding), I have been working out for free these last two months of the year.  November was all about the Equinox Challenge and this month, we've been using the passes given to us as part of the "Gift of Yoga" to try new studios in the area.  Earlier in the month, we tried Maha Yoga and today, I tried Vinnie Marino's class at YogaWorks on Main Street in Santa Monica.   Vinnie is one of the most influential yoga teachers in LA and class this morning was absolutely packed; I haven't seen such a tightly packed yoga class since my earlier days with Power Yoga.  The Main Street studio is a bit shoddy; the studio looks like an old school auditorium repurposed for yoga; it even has a little stage.  The class was good and hard; it's amazing how quickly one regresses working out only sporadically, following a month of basically working out everyday (with the Equinox challenge).  I haven't done much this month besides one run, the Maha yoga class and a little skiing; I blame this incessant rain and all the holiday prep.  It was a tough class; I had to take breaks here and there and found myself getting a bit bored and distracted at times.  I'm not a fan of lots of traditional series A and series B; I just find it a bit dull and repetitious.  He also did a lot of holding certain poses, like warrior 2 for a very long time.  My shoulder joints are sore!  Next up this week: YogaLoft in Manhattan Beach.

Sidenote: check out the Lululemon stock; closed at $73.51 today, its 52 week high.  Lululemon reported another amazing quarter last week which rocketed the stock.  Obviously, we sold way too early, but these prices are quite insane, at 28x EBITDA and 55x P/E.  Sigh...I remember when the stock was in the low 30's a little over three months ago.
6 month stock chart from yahoo

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