Thursday, June 30, 2011

Farmer's Market Report: More Stone Fruit and the Start of Summer Squash

The week is really flying by; I'm throwing a birthday party for my mom at my house on Sunday so I've been running around buying food and getting the house in order for 40 guests. One of our stops on Wednesday was the Santa Monica farmer's market. We mostly bought a ton of herbs, along with some vegetables. The bulk of the vegetables we had to buy at bigger places since we're making food for so many people. Looking forward to lots of cooking this weekend! We have quite the extensive menu planned.

Peaches are really abundant at all the stands; a lot of places had these strange looking donut peaches that I don't remember seeing before this year. I haven't tried them yet but they looked odd. There are also more and more stands with summer squash; one of my favorite parts of summer. Looking forward to throwing them on the grill. Tomatoes are also more and more prevalent, particularly cherry tomatoes in addition to the usual roma and vine ripened tomatoes. There still aren't many stands with heirloom tomatoes, but I'm sure they'll be coming in the next few weeks. I also saw my first eggplants and some really tiny cantaloupe, like the size of a softball.

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