Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Going to the Live Finale of The Voice!

I was very excited when I got an email this morning with two free tickets to the live taping of the finale of NBC's The Voice this afternoon. I didn't followed the show that closely in the beginning, but I did catch the last few episodes over the last two weeks, so I was excited to go and hear the performances. I won't reveal the winner for those who haven't watched yet, but I was rooting for Dia Frampton; I like her unique voice and originality in her song interpretations. She's a true artist and I would definitely enjoy listening to her records. Through watching the show, I also became a big fan of her coach, Blake Shelton, who just seems like a genuinely nice, cool guy on the show who cared about his contestants. He was equally nice off stage; he was the only coach to consistently interact with the audience, even giving hugs to all the former contestants who were sitting next to us during a commercial break. Christina Aguilera was definitely the diva she appears to be on TV; she entered 10 minutes after all the other judges were seated and taped a promo for the Voice Holland. She barely acknowledged anyone else and stayed in her chair the entire show.

W. and I headed over to the Warner Brothers studio in Burbank for the taping in the afternoon and got there a little late, about 15 minutes after they started letting people in.  We had to wait two hours in various queues before finally being seated 15 minutes before the show started. We weren't guaranteed seats and were amongst the last to be seated but we got awesome seats next to the former contestants and a few rows behind the judges, in Blake's section, which was convenient. It was a fun show, there were some great live performances, my favorite by far being Stevie Nicks' amazing duet, and it was cool to be on a backlot and in a studio to see all that happens during the taping of a live show. I'm not sure I would ever wait in line again, but it was definitely a fun experience.

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