Monday, June 6, 2011

Sunday Brunch on the Patio with the Dogs

First white peaches of the season from the farmer's market (a little sour), chilaquiles and coffee
Now that the weather is heating up ever so slightly, we're back to our Sunday brunches out on the patio by the pool. It's a nice way to spend a leisurely morning and hang with the dogs. K. made some chilaquiles, the best way to use up leftovers, with some nachos from Tacomiendo, as well as the roasted tomato salsa that I made for the Memorial Day bbq. Through the week, we've actually managed to finish most of the leftovers from the bbq, which is great, since I hate wasting food.

Fun with Otis and Floyd:
Otis loves peaches (well really, any food)
Handsome snaggle tooth
Rather pensive
Daily cleaning by Floyd
Otis isn't scared by much, but he was barking and growling at the decapitated Hello Kitty
Floyd has no fear and just wants to clean its ear
Typical Floyd with his wonky ear

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