Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lululemon Run: Sun blocker LS and Wunder Under Crop Light Review - Two New Summer Faves!

Lululemon Run: Sun Blocker LS in Pink Mist with Run: Speed Skirt in Aruba Sunset Floral, my very first Lululemon piece of clothing
Since Lululemon's stock price is back over $100 after dipping to the low $80's the last few weeks, thus increasing the value of my (unfortunately very meager) number of shares, I bought a couple of needed items, mostly on sale. My favorite purchase was the Lululemon Run: Sun blocker Long Sleeve in pink mist. I've been more and more paranoid about sun exposure, especially living in Socal with the amount of sun I get everyday by simply walking, running or biking outside all the time and even driving. I never leave the house without Solumbra SPF 40 sunscreen, but even that's not adequate sun protection. I've been looking for UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) shirts; unfortunately most are quite ugly and ill fitting. I really love my Uniqlo UV Cut cardigans, but wanted something to work out in. I happened to see the last remaining Run: Sun blocker LS at the Beverly Hills Lululemon last week and tried it on. It's an awesome top; it's super comfortable: the super thin, silky cool and soft UPF jersey fabric feels so lovely with circle mesh venting, and the seams and ruching are cute and flattering. I love the thumbholes which allows the sleeves to be pulled over the hands, protecting the back of the hands which often get the most direct sun. I haven't worn it running yet, but I hope that it performs well. Update: My only complaint so far is that the fabric is quite delicate and snags really easily. I'll have to be very careful with this top, which is a little annoying. I also tried on the Run: Sunbeam Pullover in the Toothpaste color, which was really cute with the braided detail on the arms and crossed v-neck, but at $98, it was $30 more than the Sun blocker, and not worth it in my opinion. I rarely buy any Lululemon at full-price since it's so expensive, but I thought the Sunblocker was worth it, for its UPF technical performance. Most of Lululemon's plain long sleeve tops, such as the Run: swiftly are the same price, so I think the Sunblocker is a better relative value. I would love to get more tops, but it's still too expensive. Along with the savasana wrap (and now the wunder under *light), these are the Lululemon items that I've purchased recently that I love so much that I've pretty much worn them everyday since I bought them.
You can kind of see the ruching and seaming detail of the sun blocker in the back, plus a little pocket
After a free Sunday morning yoga class at Lululemon Brentwood, I bought a pair of the new luon light wunder under crop in black wee stripe (those free classes are so dangerous). I love wunder unders; they are my favorite crops for everything from yoga to bar method to SPX pilates. I prefer my crops to be fitted all the way through as opposed to flared at the bottom. I feel like I focus on keeping my form more in class plus I don't get distracted by the flare. I really like how wunder unders stay put at the bottom all throughout class and don't get bunchy around the knee while working out; that always drives me crazy (ie. the Lucy crops)! Also, wunder unders are a lot cheaper than the other Lululemon luon crops, which are usually $86 full price and $59 on sale. The wunder under *light are noticeably thinner than regular wunder unders, which is nice in the warmer weather, although they don't compress as much and are less forgiving, so I am definitely a little more self conscious. My other wunder unders are substantially thicker and slicker as they are also reversible (lolo purple / black) and tend to slip down initially when I wear them, while the luon light version stays in place from the get go which is nice, plus they are cheaper and only a few bucks more than other crops on sale. I really like the black wee stripe pattern; it's neat and different from all my other bottoms, plus its not see through, which was my initial concern with the light luon.
Wunder Under light luon in black wee stripe with static very violet Cool Racerback. Hard to see the stripe pattern in photos
I also purchased a couple of sale items, including a Grapeseed Flow Y, Manduka yoga towel (my first yoga towel despite several years of yoga) and a cute Travel Pooch in Grapeseed (for my mom). In addition to the Run: Sunbeam pullover, I also tried on a couple of popular items that I didn't buy including the Run: Resolution Skirt II in coal vapor and an Energy Bra. The Run: Resolution Skirt didn't lie flat and was really wrinkly in the front and back, and I didn't like the puffiness on the side and back, and I found the front straps of the Energy to be too wide and dug into my sides.
Run: Resolution skirt (from Lululemon website): a little too poofy and wrinkly on the back. Plus two running skirts (Tracker and Speed Skirts) are enough for me as I only wear them in the summer.
Sunbeam Pullover (picture from Lululemon website)
Travel Pooch (picture from Lululemon website): cute for a fanny pack


  1. Are you typically a size 4 in your wunder unders? Some of the reviews state that the light luon is see through. How do you like them?

  2. I do wear size 4 in both the reversible wunder under as well as these luon light ones. Both may be just a little bit big for me as the reversible ones slide down on me a bit and the luon light feel a bit looser particularly after exercising since they aren't as compressive. I hate sizing down though so even though I have a couple of size 2 lulu crops, I prefer to stay with size 4. I absolutely adore these crops, they are my favorite lululemon crops! They are amazing for summer yoga, I don't get overheated at all, I never even notice the crops. I'm very very careful about see through luon / luxtreme and the black wee stripe luon light ones are not see through at all. I was super careful with testing them before buying them and have continued monitoring, but no see through issues. I've heard that the all black luon ones are actually more see through.



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