Wednesday, June 1, 2011

For the East Coasters...

Heard that its been hot and humid over on the East Coast the last few days. There's nothing better than some shaved iced topped with mangoes, strawberries, mochi, red bean, grass jelly, aloe vera and konjac and a little sweet condensed milk on a hot day. A chilly amalgamation of fun textures and flavors. It's one of my favorite snacks in Taiwan, where it always seems to be hot and humid. We had a big bowl of shaved ice while waiting for Din Tai Fung on Monday, a nice way to pass the 1 1/2 hour quoted wait time (turned out to be closer to an hour). I forgot the name of the place, but it is next door to Sinbala in Arcadia, which also has great shaved ice, but had lines out the door as well.


  1. I could have used one of these yesterday!

  2. We'll have to find a shaved ice place for you in New York! The key is the texture to the ice, it should be more like snow rather than icy. This place was a little icy, but it hit the spot.



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