Friday, June 10, 2011

Pilates Platinum: Spinlates

I have been going to Spinlates at Pilates Platinum on Abbott Kinney in Venice for the last few weeks: 30 minutes of pilates on the "Proformer" followed by 30 minutes of spin. As painful as it is, it may be my new favorite workout: it's definitely one of the best workouts I have ever done. The Proformer is a machine with resistance built in with a series of pulleys, springs, handlebars, and a sliding bench which is used for various series of exercises targeting different muscle groups. It's really challenging and I can't quite keep up yet with the rest of the class who are regulars; it effectively targets a lot of muscles that I don't normally use and seems to be quite an efficient workout. You have to wear this weird looking grippy toe socks, but that's ok. I like it more than mat pilates and even better than the bar method type of workouts as I feel that the machine really works the muscles more with the optimal and safe form; sometimes I feel like my form is not quite correct with mat pilates and bar method so I'm not getting as good of a workout plus at risk for injury. I'm not working out as much as I used to and I've only gone to a couple of classes, only once a week, but I feel like I can see results already. It's the most expensive workout routines that I've tried; I'm currently on a Groupon trial that was a really good deal, but I'm seriously contemplating buying a series to supplement my usual yoga and running routine. Considering the cost of the equipment,it's relatively worth it. Update: I went to the Santa Monica studio with the newer "Megaformer" and I like it even more; the adjustable handles are much more comfortable with less wrist strain.
The "Megaformer" developed by Sebastien Lagree. Image from SPX Fitness

The "Proformer". Image from SPX Fitness

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