Sunday, April 10, 2011

Revolution Fitness Review

I finished up my Revolution Fitness series with a spin class with Jeff yesterday. I purchased the Groupon for the spin barre classes as I thought the combination of high cardio spin and muscle toning barre work would be perfect. Unfortunately they canceled the classes before I got the chance to try it. I went to two core barre classes, which I didn't like. The barre studio is tiny, with room for maybe 8 students with an incredibly tight fit. In the first class, we didn't even use the barre because there wasn't enough room, which is ridiculous. I prefer Bar Method, Pop Physique as well as the bar classes at Equinox. Since I was so unimpressed by the barre classes, I tried a spin class for my last class. Spinning is still not my forte and I feel like I'm never going to make it through the class halfway through the class and feel like throwing up during the hills, but I made it. It's a sweaty workout with good music and the teacher was very energetic and a little crazy. The spin classes are very popular; classes are often fully booked days in advanced, so clearly plenty of people love it, but the studio is not for me. Those 12 blocks uphill to home on a bike after a spin class were brutal. It's been a well balanced week of working out with 2 yoga classes, 1 spin class, bike rides to and from classes and a run today.

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