Sunday, April 24, 2011

Saturday at the Getty Museum

Saturday was a perfect day to take in the beautiful scenery of the Getty Museum with my local sorority alumnae group. We met up for a guided garden tour of the grounds followed by lunch at the Restaurant at the Getty followed by a little bit of museum time and more strolling of the grounds. I highly recommend taking one of the several free guided tours offered by the museum; I'd been to the museum dozens of times, but never really slowed down enough to appreciate the many tiny details as well as overall conception of the spaces and resulting beauty. It was just lovely to pause and smell the proverbial roses. The tour only takes an hour but you learn and gain such a different perspective. Next time I visit, I definitely want to take the architecture tour.
We learned that the different kinds of cactus represent different neighboring communities around the Getty
 And lunch:
Cobb Salad with blue cheese, apples, bacon, cranberries. Gotta make this at home


  1. The garden tour is a nice little tour. Architecture is definitely worth it, as are some of tours of certain collections that are sometimes led by curators =) I want to go back to the Getty Villa as well.

  2. The garden tour is definitely nice and low key if you want to spend a lot of time outside. I definitely want to do the architecture as well as the art tours. I haven't been to the villa since high school. I am not much of a fan of the really old antiquity stuff, but I love the grounds.



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