Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Farmer's Markets and Celebrity Chef Spotting

Today was a good day at the Santa Monica Wednesday farmer's market. Lots of new vibrant spring vegetables including snap peas, fava beans, and the beginnings of summer squash. Lots of local chefs visit this particular farmer's market; I'm bad at identifying chefs, I just recognize them with their chefs jackets and handtrucks piled with crates of vegetables. I love to see how the head chefs actually do the shopping as opposed to delegating to their minions. I see CJ, from Top Chef and The Yard, almost every week, as he's so recognizably tall. Today I saw Mark Peel of Campanile, The Tar Pit and Top Chef Masters as well as Marcel Vigneron of Top Chef and my last visit to Test Kitchen.
I prefer snap peas to favas as they are easier to prepare
Cool yellow raspberries
Mark Peel of Campanile. I feel guilty taking photos of chefs doing their business, like a paparazzi stalker, but I'm a big fan of his.

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