Friday, April 8, 2011

Huckleberry Poached Eggs and Veggies

Huckleberry's beautifully colorful poached eggs over farm fresh vegetables with pesto and toasted breadcrumbs is one of my current favorite breakfast dishes. I love the runny poached eggs over sweet and crunchy sugar snap peas and soft juicy tomatoes, generous doses of olive oil and the addictive savory pesto and breadcrumb topping. My only gripe (besides being expensive at $12.25) is that I wish they would use more seasonal local vegetables (I know I'm being nitpicky); this dish is almost identical to the one I had two months ago, and only now am I starting to see some tomatoes and sugar snap peas at the farmer's market as it is still really early in their respective seasons. I'll definitely be recreating this dish at home in the summer. I usually avoid Huckleberry on the weekends as it must be impossible to find a seat but it was still really crowded on a slightly chilly Wednesday for an early lunch. Meanwhile, it's been freezing here again the last few days. I'm back to my down jackets and the heat is on in the house.

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