Thursday, April 14, 2011

Zankou Chicken Review - All About the Garlic Sauce

I finally tried the famous Zankou Chicken this week; I ordered a whole chicken to-go along with a side of hummus from the West LA location. Zankou is a small Los Angeles chain that specializes in fresh and natural Mediterranean / Armenian influenced fast food, including roast chicken, falafels and shawerma. The chicken was moist and flavorful, but a little fatty, particularly around the thighs. I brought it home, so unfortunately the skin was soggy from steaming in the aluminum bag. All that didn't matter though, as the secret garlic sauce was amazing; anything would taste good dipped in that sauce. It was tangy, thick and creamy (although I think it's vegan) and deliciously addictive. The garlic flavor wasn't particularly overpowering although you could still feel it hours later. Overall, not bad, I would go back for the sauce alone. At $9 for a whole chicken, it's a pretty good deal for a filling hot lunch for two.

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  1. Zankou is pretty awesome. I miss it sometimes!



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