Saturday, April 16, 2011

George's At the Cove Review: Beautiful Ocean Views in La Jolla

W and I drove down to La Jolla on Friday to celebrate Rich's birthday. We had a late afternoon bottle of Gruner Veltliner and appetizers on the Ocean Terrace at George's At the Cove in downtown La Jolla. It is the perfect way to spend a gorgeous Friday afternoon outside in the sun with the ocean breeze enjoying the stunning panoramic cliffside ocean views. The food was quite good too; we particularly liked the sizzling meaty and buttery grilled mussels.
So good, I swear they cook them in beef fat or something
Mango fish tacos. Good, but my homemade ones are just as tasty
Ricotta and green pea bruschetta; deliciously fresh and creamy
Gruner Veltliner; Gruners are one of my favorite food friendly, crisp and drinkable, usually cheap white wines
George's At The Cove
1250 Prospect Street
La Jolla, CA 92037


  1. Hi Erica! Evan there a way to subscribe to your blog posts? I looked but couldn't find a way. Maybe I missed it?

  2. Thanks for reading! I have to make those chicken wings that you brought on Friday, they were amazing! I just added the subscribe little widget to the side panel at the bottom. Will hopefully be posting about all the beer today or tomorrow.



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