Thursday, April 7, 2011

YogaWorks Montana

Santa Monica probably has the most yoga studios per capita out of any other city and I've tried many of the studios including YogaHop and Revolution Fitness on Montana; Power Yoga (2 locations), Yogis Anonymous, YogaCo, Hot8Yoga around the Third Street Promenade, YogaWorks on Main Street and Montana, Maha Yoga on 26th Street, TruYoga in the Yahoo Center. The YogaWorks studio on Montana is really the pioneer of it all; the very first YogaWorks studio in the country founded in 1987. A lot of the best teachers in LA come from this YogaWorks location. I used my Lululemon gift of yoga free pass for Jesse Schein's class at YogaWorks Montana on Tuesday. I could tell a lot of people in the class were devoted followers of Jesse; I thought the class was good but not great. It reminded me of Vinnie Marino's class at YogaWorks Main Street. Yoga is highly subjective based on personal preferences, and personally I don't like a lot of traditional series A and series B poses; I just find it boring. I didn't feel like I was really pushed to learn anything new in the class and felt the urge to check the clock occasionally. Plus, I prefer at least some music in my classes (a lot of people can't stand any music). I've liked her class online and on cable tv in the past, but I'm less picky at home or on the road; I'll take any yoga I can get. The studio hasn't been updated in awhile and was really stuffy, reminded me a little of the YogaWorks on Main Street, although not that bad. All in all, it's not my style, but works for a lot of other people.

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