Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Simple Dinner on The Grill

Nice to see some colorful summer produce with a juicy steak
My parents bought some nice prime New York Strip steaks from Costco so we decided to grill our dinner on Sunday night. I season my steak very simply with some olive oil, salt, coarse ground pepper and minced garlic. I also made grilled polenta cakes with grilled scallions tossed in a lemon vinaigrette with some feta as well as a simple salad with the same meyer lemon vinaigrette and first of the season heirloom cherry tomatoes. I also tried to make a gorgonzola sauce with sauteed scallions for the steak, but I used non-fat milk, which just didn't hold together as well as cream would have. We grilled some peppers, opened a nice bottle of 2002 Baldacci Cabernet Sauvignon from "Brenda's Vineyard" in the Stag's Leap District of Napa, purchased on our first ever trip to Napa six  years ago, and had a great meal on the patio. The wine was good but probably just a little past its prime as it wasn't quite as lively as I had remembered during the tasting or perhaps our palates have changed over the last few years.
Grilled Polenta Cakes with Grilled Scallions and Feta, based off a Mario Batali recipe. Good combination of flavors with a nice citrus zing; I cheated and bought a roll of precooked polenta from Trader Joes that I put on the grill
K's grills are always very organized

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