Sunday, June 12, 2011

Spring into Summer Dessert: Rhubarb Blackberry Crumble

We were fortunate enough to be gifted a whole big bag of rhubarb from T.'s community garden so I decided to try out a rhubarb blackberry crumble recipe that I had bookmarked on thekitchn. I've never made anything with rhubarb before and I don't usually make desserts as I'm not a very good baker, so crumbles are pretty much all that I can handle. We all really enjoyed it: a perfect spring / summer dessert that really showcased the delicious fruit. It wasn't sweet or heavy at all; the rhubarb and blackberry were a lovely combination of mellowed tartness and berry juiciness and there was lots of nice jammy gooeyness everywhere with a warm crunchy walnut topping. Thanks for the rhubarb T, looking forward to trying the beets!


  1. I love crumbles - such an easy, versatile and delicious dessert! I made one with the other week with peaches that were a little overripe and some blueberries.

  2. Sounds amazing! Peaches are actually my all-time favorite fruit. I will have to try your combo. Crumbles are a great way to use fruit that's a just a little past its prime, plus it's hard to overcook it. My oven just doesn't bake evenly or at the right temp, but with crumbles, there's a little more flexibility since it's harder to undercook or overcook.



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