Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tainan Small Eats - Part I

Tainan is known for its xiao chi, so we spent an entire day eating our way around town, with some sightseeing in between. I can eat, but Taiwanese people really pack it away; us "Americans kids" were dying by the end of the day while the adults were still wanting more.
The original Tainan Du Xiao Yue

Making the danzi mian ("peddler noodles") right at the entrance of the restaurant
Danzi mian: noodles, minced pork, pork ball, shrimp, garlic paste, one of my favorite comfort foods
Incredibly creamy braised eggs
Taiwanese sausage (slightly sweet) with garlic paste
Next stop: Tainan's famous eel noodles
Just an open air stand / restaurant like lots of places in Taiwan
All sorts of internal organs
Bag o' eel, bloody delicious
Chopping the eel
Like 1 billion BTU stove

Eel noodles. The eel is actually quite crunchy, not like unagi. The noodles are slightly sweet and spicy
Salty popsicles
Egg yolk and almond salty popsicle
J's favorite: papaya milk smoothies. I had Tainan's famous winter melon tea.

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