Saturday, June 9, 2012

We're Back! First Walk...Stripes, Day Glow Pink and Wedge Sneakers

Current/Elliott pink jeans, River Island hi heeled wedge sneakers, new Zara striped top, Calypso for Target purple batik scarf and Prada sunglasses
We're back! Small fry decided to arrive a little over a week early and all is well. We went for our first walk today, Saturday. Especially in this warm weather, it felt amazing to get out of the house and get some fresh air after a week of being inside except for the trip home from the hospital and the first peds visit early in the week. Neighborhood walk feels different, amazing how perspective changes and things are transformed... We are used to walking with the two crazy dogs; so different with K. carrying a small fry in an organic Boba wrap (which was easy to use; she loved it, as proven by zonking out immediately). Pretty much all new outfit: Current/Elliott Day Glow Pink Stiletto jeans (from the Current/Elliott sample sale on Friday, report to come...), comfy super soft loose Zara top, River Island wedge sneakers, Calypso for Target scarf and Prada sunglasses. Pink in honor small fry! Surprisingly, I don't have much pink in my closet, so I'm happy for this addition. It's been a lot of fun finding tops to go with all my crazy colored new Current/Elliot jeans. Love the pop of color (I feel cliched saying that phrase, I just think of Brad, the former Rachel Zoe stylist). Very comfortable and happy outfit for a new family stroll in the hood!
As you can see, the stiletto jeans are quite long on me still, hitting me closer to the ankle vs. the denim models. I don't think I'm going to have them hemmed though, maybe just roll them up
This is the first outfit where K. actually likes my River Island wedge sneakers. He thinks it looks weird with dresses, too bulky. I tried to explain to him that was the look I was going for, but he doesn't understand.

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