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Current/Elliott S/S 2012 Sample Sale Report: Rainbow Brite

Love the bright saturated colors of my new Current/Elliott sample sale finds. L-R: day glow pink, neon yellow, turquoise and faded blue in the stiletto and beatnik cuts. How can you not be happy looking at this picture with all the colors?!
Post of outfit with day glow pink Current/Elliott jeans here

I'm currently unable to leave the house for long periods of time right now with the arrival of small fry, but when I heard about the Current/Elliott, Joie and Equipment sample sale at Siren Studios in Hollywood, I knew I had to call upon a huge favor from my more mobile friends to have them scope out the sale for me. The last few seasons has been all about fun denim in all sorts of patterns and colors which I've missed out since I've been expecting. Jeans are pretty much the only items of pre-small fry clothing that I couldn't wear after a few months. I haven't worn jeans in forever, so I was definitely itching to buy a new pair (or two :)). I think going forward, jeans will be a staple part of my wardrobe as the flexibility of wearing separates with small fry is paramount, as opposed to previous summers where I would be mostly in dresses. I don't own any, but I've always liked Current/Elliot for their fun patterns and colors, as well as their slim and flattering cuts, like in the stiletto and skinny ankle styles. With warmer weather here, I the slightly cropped length of those styles is perfect for me, plus I have short legs anyway and sometimes regular length jeans make me look even shorter.

I sent my proxy to the sale which started at 9am on Friday, June 8, at Siren Studios in Hollywood. There was a 100+ person line outside when my proxy got there at 9:45am and parking was a pain. My proxy has the patience of a saint though, and waited nevertheless and got into the sale about an hour later at 10:45am. After much rummaging around, my proxy was able to pull 4 pairs of colored jeans and 2 pairs of shorts, pretty much all that was available in my size for denim. There were no patterned jeans in my size. All the jeans were "irregular" and thus marked down to $41 from retail of $178. I decided against the shorts as they were also "irregular" but $40, a much poorer relative value compared with the jeans. I'm pretty picky and you really don't notice the 2-3 irregularities per pair which were marked with red tape. Stuff like a tiny pinhole on a belt loop or a barely perceptible smudge somewhere. I couldn't find the irregularities under the tape in several cases. After one wear by me, I would probably get them dirtier with more wear and tear than their current condition. After consulting with me over the phone (being home bound is so hard for me, the anticipation is drives me crazy, as I'm not a very patient person in general and I easily get obsessed about and fixated on random things), my proxy bought all four pairs (as well as a beautiful silky Joie Alanna tunic dress for $50, down from $288, for Sunshine) and a really nice and stylish wool men's Current/Elliott jacket for $68 for K. Sunshine & I are two very lucky girls; we got some really cool pieces at great prices and didn't even have to deal with the usual sample sale madness and stress. It's such a good deal that it makes you not want to shop anywhere else but sample sales; after my proxy brought me these jeans, I quickly exchanged my $59.99 Zara tie-dye jeans (for the tshirt in the outfit post and blue and turquoise colorblock high heeled sandals that I've been considering for awhile, post to come, which will look good with these jeans). The Zara jeans seemed like a good deal at the time vs. premium denim which is usually $150-$200+. At $41 for Current/Elliott, it was a no brainer to have the Current/Elliott which is just better quality, cut and fit, and return the Zara jeans. After all, I only need so many pairs of jeans anyway.

A Current/Elliott denim rainbow. The blues are probably less trendy, although the pink and yellow are so fun. Can't wait to have colorblocking fun!
I completely adore all four pairs: in the stiletto style: day glow pink, neon yellow, turquoise and in the beatnik style: faded blue. What's awesome is that all these exact styles and colors are current season and still available online and in high end department stores like Nordstroms for full retail price of $178. I doubt that there's a better deal out there for Current/Elliott denim, current season or not. The main difference between the beatnik and stiletto style is the rolled up cuff of the beatnik, which makes it slightly shorter than the stiletto. They are both fairly low rise and quite stretchy, slim fit though not very tight like some skinny jeans that I have. They seem to stretch a bit as you wear them, check out the fit in my outfit post with the pink pair. Since I have comparatively short legs, they go to my ankle, which is a little longer than it looks online. I bought my normal pre-small fry size, and they fit fine right now, a little over a week after small fry's arrival, if not even a little loose, so they must run big, I would say at least a size bigger than other premium denim, also helped by the stretchiness of the fabric and low rise.
Current/Elliott stiletto cut on the left, beatnik on the right
Beatnik on right slightly shorter length, otherwise very similar material and fit
Irregular jeans marked with a red "X" on the tag
Example of the most obvious irregularity that I found, a small stitching issue, but not very visible from normal range and does not affect fit or integrity of the fabric

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