Friday, June 15, 2012

Colorblock Fun: Zara Turquoise and Blue Stiletto Sandals

I particularly am a fan of Zara for some of its more affordable fashions with fashion forward design that look more expensive than they actually are. I love my leather sleeve safari jacket from a few months ago, which I wore constantly until the weather got warm and have gotten many compliments on it from both friends and strangers. Every time someone asks me where the jacket is from, they are surprised to hear Zara. The jacket is well made and definitely looks more expensive than it is and should last awhile. Europe is the best place to shop for Zara. My grayish pink faux suede motorcycle jacket is from my Spain trip and was only 20 euros on sale. It's much harder to find such good deals in the states and I still find that lots of their stuff to be overpriced for something that may be of questionable quality. Most things look nice online but look cheap in the stores and Some of their items are just better relative value than others. In the former camp, I've had my eye on these strappy Zara basic sandals in blue and turquoise for quite awhile now, which are quite a good relative value for $49.99. My only hesitation was that I havent worn such high heels in awhile now (very clumsy when pregnant), and certainly not going to wear such high heels when carrying small fry. Plus we have less occasions to be dressy. I do love the look though.  I had a same day exchange store credit (the exchange policy sucks, 30 days and you must have receipt. Otherwise you have to do a same day exchange, no store credit). The shoes were the best relative value for 49.99. I think they look a lot more expensive than that and are a fun addition to any outfit. They were part of my exchange for the $59.99 tie-dye blue jeans which weren't as good of a relative value, especially after my Current/Elliott denim purchases. I'm much happier with these sandals + navy and white striped t-shirt that was only $16.90.

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