Friday, June 15, 2012

iPad3 Love and Plug for Amazon Prime

I got my first iPad earlier this week. I love my iPhone 4s but I was finding that the small screen was straining my eyes, especially now that I was using it so much, spending so much time confined to the nursery. I went with the 64 GB iPad 3 as I expect to use it a lot for photos and basically replace my really slow and memory constrained laptop. It took a little longer than I expected to set up and get used to the iPad (I thought it would be easy since I had an iPhone 4s already set up but turns out many apps are iPhone or iPad specific so I had to get a lot of new apps. Plus transferring pictures took forever since syncing with my slow laptop took forever plus I was putting a lot of additional pics on given the additional memory of the iPad. For the most part, I finally have the iPad set up the way i want and its been great. Only big remaining thing is to set up our bew western digital drive that should get us a lot more organized as well as efficient with backup and syncing. I also wish that google related programs and apps such as photos were and importantly blogger were a lot more user friendly and as easy to use in their web versions, but they aren't. It's still easier to blog from my laptop.

After much research I bought some non-Apple accessories, including the Duo case from Monoprice for about 18 bucks and a five in one card reader from some Chinese company but fulfilled by Amazon for about 3 bucks. So far they work great for much cheaper than anything sold by Apple or other mainstream brand. I've used the card reader to download pics from my dslr as well as connect a keyboard via usb for my more lengthy email sessions.

We bought the iPad from B&h Photo in New York in order to save on sales tax. Had to delay instant gratification as we had to wait a few days for shipping (which was free), but it was tolerable as every penny saved counts! Speaking of instant gratification, Amazon Prime is such a must have, especially for someone somewhat restricted from traveling outside the house. As a first time parent, there's lots we need that we didn't realize we needed (ie, diapers. We didn't realize we would go through them so fast). Amazon has the best price anyway, plus combined with 15-20% off with amazon moms subscribe and save as well as quick shipping, it's saved us time and money. It's nice also not to have to think about the $25 minimum order. We've gotten multiple shipments per day from amazon, for things as varied as a new external hard drive, iPad accessories, last minute fathers day gifts and of course stuff for small fry like diapers and the increasingly important waterproof pads.

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