Friday, June 29, 2012

Steven Alan Sample Sale and Style Comparison

Steven Alan plaid boyfriend cut shirt, Current / Elliott Yellow Stiletto Jeans, River Island Wedge Sneakers, Rayban Wayfarers (stolen from K)
I'm a relatively new convert to Steven Alan; I bought my first shirt in the reverse seam style a few weeks ago at the outlet in Los Feliz, and picked up another shirt in the boyfriend cut as well as a shirtdress from the online sample sale last week. Reverse seam and the boyfriend cut are the two main styles for Steven Alan's womens shirting. Now that I have both and can compare, I prefer the boyfriend cut; I like the longer length and overall fit. It seems to fit me better all around, whereas the reverse seam feels a little tight in certain areas, particularly shoulders and chest, and loose in others, like the body and arms, which is why I took a larger size. I'm wearing a size S in the boyfriend cut and a size M in the reverse seam, but the boyfriend cut still feels more loose and casual, which is the look I'm going for anyway. The price for both shirts was the same, at about 70% off, so a really good deal. A complete sample sale outfit; worn with some blindingly bright highlighter yellow jeans from Current/Elliott to avoid looking too preppy or corporate. I like the folding Wayfarers as well; I'll have to steal them more often from K.
Steven Alan Reverse Seam shirt

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