Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tie-Dye Love

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One of my favorite trends for spring 2012, besides floral prints, is tie-dye. I haven't given tie-dye much thought for decades now, until the S/S 2012 Isabel Marant runway show last fall. Aside from the $5K tie-dye jacket, I loved her tie-dye pants, particularly in the Ipa and Itzel cuts. I've been obsessed with her pants ever since buying the patchwork cord Leo trousers at the last sample sale, and these tie-dye versions are perfect for summer. It's a bit risky for me to buy pants at the moment since I can't really try them on, so to be safe, I went with the lower priced Zara TRF version, which is pretty cute and more similar in cut to the Ipa cut. I like Zara's spring collections this year a lot overall; design is definitely inspired by other designers such as Isabel Marant, but it's a good place to go to check out some trends for a couple of pieces to update the wardrobe for the new season. I like these jeans a lot and they seem to fit well. TRF sizing generally runs small, so I went with the size 4 vs. the 2 to be safe. I was able to fit into both, with the exception of buttoning the waist, so I figured playing it safe with the 4 was a better bet; worst case if it were a little loose, it would look a more "boyfriend" cut as opposed to true skinny cut, which is the cut on the label. Only piece of advice is that the shade and distribution of the blue tie-dye varies a lot from pant to pant so it's best to look at a few pairs in the store and pick one based on personal preference. I went with a pair with more blue and less white, although it's hard to be really picky because the stores seem to be selling out quickly of this style, even though it's still available online. Not sure if I can pull off a modeling pic, but we'll see.
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