Monday, April 16, 2012

Sweets for the Week

I'm trying to cut down on sweets, but it's not easy! Two things we baked over the past week, based on recipes from Joanne Chang's Flour Cookbook: a lemon meringue pie and Flour's Famous Banana Bread. It may look pretty, but sadly the lemon meringue pie turned out to be more like lemon meringue soup; the lemon filling never really solidified. My first failure with a recipe out of her cookbook, otherwise everything else has been excellent. I'm still not really sure what we did wrong; her recipe does use more lemon juice and egg yolks than other recipes that I saw on foodnetwork, but I have no idea if that was the issue. The banana bread was great though; I did substitute in some whole wheat flour, using half whole wheat and half A/P flour and I don't think you could tell the difference. It is very moist on the inside with warm spices, with a nice thin crust on the outside. Perfect for breakfast on the go. We always have lots of bananas lying around the house for smoothies, so we'll definitely be making this bread again with any overripe bananas.

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