Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sotto: The Pizza

K. and I both love pizza, it's our go-to comfort food, so Sotto's been on our list to try as we've seen it around on some "Best Pizza in LA" lists. Sotto is in the old Test Kitchen space, downstairs from Picca. We didn't have a reservation, but they serve the full menu at the bar as well as a communal table by the bar. We were there on Sunday of Memorial Day weekend and seated without a wait. We just kept it simple and ordered two pizzas: a margherita pizza and a sausage, chili and rapini pizza. Sotto is also known for it's cocktail service and the menu looked tempting, but we passed.
I preferred the margherita pizza to the sausage pizza; I really liked the sauce and the simplicity of ingredients on the margherita. We almost always order a margherita pie when trying a new pizza place; K. believes it should be the hallmark of any good pizza place, and the standard by which he judges them. The sausage pizza was just a little too salty for my taste. Crust is good, very charred quite pillowy and thicker than say 800 degrees, and different from the more artisan bread-ish places like Mozza and Milo and Olive. Quite good, but I'm not sure it's quite up there yet with my favorite LA pizza places. I still prefer Mozza, 800 Degrees, Joe's and Stella Rosa for my pizza fix.

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