Friday, January 27, 2012

800 Degrees Westwood: Pizza in a Flash

800 Degrees, the eagerly anticipated pizza joint by the Umami Burger guys, opened up a few weeks ago, but I waited til yesterday to go after the crazy crowds died down a bit. Still, I was expecting it to be quite popular so I was surprised when we went at 2pm and ordered immediately plenty of tables of available. There was definitely some bottlenecks at the toppings bar and at the Ferrari soda machine, but we were sitting down eating our pizzas in less than five minutes. It was quite good, really authentic tasting neopolitan pizza: super thin salty chewy crust with slight char, tangy fresh tomato sauce and quality toppings. A bit skimpy on some of the add-on toppings, but good deal for $7 a pie including our add on toppings. Parking in Westwood is a pain; we ended up parking a few blocks away at the Trader Joe's lot.
Pizza Bianca with olives and artichokes ($7)
Margherita pizza with salumi ($7)
Assembly line pizza
Wood fired oven
Ferrari soda machine. Too many choices! Several flavors within every brand too

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