Friday, January 6, 2012

Lululemon Winter Binge: Stride Jacket, Quickstep Pants, Triumphant Tote, Power Technique Tank and More...

Stride Jacket in Black Stripes Galore and Quickstep Pant in Black
I've been on quite the Lululemon binge the last few months. Fortunately, I had received several generous gift cards (I'm lucky to have family that know me so well!) and everything was pretty significantly discounted, so I've definitely satisfied my Lululemon needs for 2012. The markdowns have been pretty good recently, which only happens about twice a year, around Christmas and over the summer. One of my favorite purchases was actually the Stride Jacket in Black Stripes Galore. It's actually my first Stride Jacket (I have a Define and Mynah Jacket, as well as a Gratitude Wrap, Savasana Wrap and Flashback Jacket), but I love it! I like the long length, high collar that keeps me warm, hood, two way zipper, and especially the pattern of the jacket; it's like nothing else I have and the stripes are actually this really cool black, grey and purple combination (a little hard to see in pictures). I also really like the Quickstep pants; I've been wearing them almost everyday since I got them. My Dance Studio Pants are probably my favorite casual pants and I would wear them everyday if I could. Pluses of the Quickstep pant vs. the Dance Studio: slimmer in the leg with a little more design and stitching up and down the leg, flattering back pockets and no front drawstring bulge. Minuses: the extra stitching design was a little distracting and uncomfortable at first, the bagginess of the Dance Studio pants makes them even more comfortable and the Quicksteps can't be hemmed. Not a big deal because I didn't hem my Dance Studio Pants until well over a year after wear. I just have to tighten and tie the bottom of the Quickstep pants around my ankles and fold over the extra fabric. The Triumphant Tote has been an awesome travel bag as well as large around town bag with a billion pockets (future diaper bag?), the Power Technique tank is really comfortable, especially with the super soft mini check striped top, I like pretty ribbon detailing and space dye pattern of the top of the Bulerias Tank, and I also got two pairs of very comfortable Still pants which are being discontinued (not pictured). All stuff that I'm planning on wearing lots in the upcoming months, as I am 4 months pregnant and only getting bigger, but I'd say I'm definitely done for awhile... Also as part of Christmas, K. got his first Lululemon as well after trying a bunch of things on, two pairs of Core Shorts for running (he prefers shorts without builtin liners), which look really nice.
The high collar, hood, and long cozy length really make this jacket quite warm. Plus fits over the baby bump.
The Quickstep pant has two drawstrings, one around the ankle, and one vertical for cinching up to crops. I love the fabric, same lightweight fabric as the Dance Studio Pants, most comfortable for lounging around and travel. The Dance Studio Pants are baggier in the leg by about 1.5x, they almost cover my shoes when I wear them
The Triumphant tote is my favorite Lululemon bag. Very spacious with a billion zippered and open pockets. I also like the option of the shorter double straps for everyday use when carrying heavy items and longer strap for messenger style hands free use. Perfect diaper bag!
Power Technique Tank in Black Heathered Coal Mini Check. The mini check material is the softest and coziest ever, I wish I got more in this fabric. Tank is very billowy and comfortable, and is actually a size up (6) since they were sold out of my size. Worn with reversible lolo purple wunder under crops
Bulerias Tank in Magnum Space Dye. Hard to see, but the satin ribbon detail is very pretty and I really like the soft grayish purple color.

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