Saturday, January 21, 2012

Review of Versace for H&M Purchases

Versace for H&M palm print sequin dress, Prada Minimal Baroque Sunglasses, Opening Ceremony booties
Keeping with the tropical theme from my Mexican vacation, here are my Versace for H&M purchases from last week. I missed the launch frenzy as I was in Taiwan, but had seen a few pieces returned at the H&M in Century City and midtown NYC since the launch date, along with all the prelaunch videos and marketing. Versace is a little too South Beach flashy for me and I can't say that I loved any of the pieces that I saw in stores and found the fabrics to be too polyester rayon feeling / looking in spite of being mostly silk and really did not like the shoes and bags. I just didn't find anything worth buying at full price. However, when N. told me that she saw some pieces 50% off on Monday at South Coast Plaza, I decided to check out the remainders in the stores on Wednesday. I bought 2 dresses that I had never actually seen before in stores, the green and turquoise sequin palm print / alligator print dress from the Sunset Blvd store and the black, pink and purple heart fringe dress from the Beverly Center, both for 50% off. I'm a little surprised that I was still able to find dresses in my size, particularly since the store told me they were marked down over a week ago. What else was left was mostly what I had seen lots of before in stores: the purple and red asymmetrical dresses, the purple and black bustier chiffon dresses (all of which never fit me right, surprisingly too small on top), the pink heart fringe skirt and top separates, the red palm print jeans, the sleeveless Japanese print dress and tons of shoes and bags. The two dresses I bought are true to size, but on the whole, I found the collection to run really small, a lot smaller than the Lanvin x H&M collection (caveat being that I'm about five months pregnant in these pics). Many of the dresses are designed to be skintight, so you really need to try on the pieces to make sure they fit. They didn't have my favorite pieces from the collection, the long sleeve Japanese print dress and leggings that were featured in Vogue, but I think these two that I got are pretty fun and very Versace. I wish I had the palm print dress a week ago; it would have been perfect for a Puerto Vallarta beach wedding! I'm not sure that I'm going to keep both of them; I'm thinking about returning the heart fringe dress. Thoughts? The Lanvin x H&M collaboration still is my favorite collaboration to date by far.
The back of the sequin palm print dress. I thought they were bananas when I bought the dress (a la Prada), but they are actually alligators
H&M heart fringe dress that was in the ads
Kinda fun, but as K. said, maybe a little too 80's?
Not sure what Otis thinks
The ads (images via Fashionista)

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