Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Versace for H&M: Coming Soon...

Image from my copy of October 2011 Vogue
I'm a bit relieved for my own sanity and wallet that I will be traveling and far away from any H&Ms when Versace for H&M launches on November 19th, as I tend to get swept away by these collaboration frenzies (see:  Lanvin x H&M, Missoni x Target)... Versace is not quite my style, but I'm sure I'd find pieces that I would need to have from the collection regardless. Including the pieces that I saw in the initial June announcement, my favorite look so far is the tunic dress worn by Shu Pei in this month (October) Vogue, sans the printed leggings as that is just too much print for me. Looking forward to seeing the full lookbook soon.

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