Thursday, October 6, 2011

Shopping in the Kids Section and Other Missoni for Target Clothing & Accessory Finds

American Apparel knit sweater, Missoni for Target colore sweater skirt (girls XL), Frye Veronica Shorties
As is widely known, Target majorly fumbled the Missoni x Target launch when their website was deluged with orders and crashed, causing many confirmed orders, including mine to be canceled. I had to resort to purchasing kids sizes of items as I could never find any of my regular sizes in the stores and online. Fortunately, the girls' XL fits me pretty well, plus they are quite a bit cheaper than the women's clothes, so score! I also managed to find a couple of other returned items in the stores as I was returning a few things over the last few weeks. I'm actually returning / giving away most of these clothes & accessories, as a little Missoni goes a long way. Besides, K thinks the clothes remind him of Charlie Brown. The only items that I'm keeping for myself are the purple passione zig zag infiniti scarf and the blue colore kids sweater skirt, as they are both very easy to pair with "normal" clothes. I'm very happy with what I have from the collection, particularly the home goods, and hopefully I've made some other people happy with some Missoni x Target early Christmas gifts. As for my favorite pieces of clothing and accessories, I really like the blue cardigan: the quality is really nice when compared to my mom's M Missoni cardigan; the weave is delicate and fine and there's a few tiny gold threads running through through the weave for a bit of sparkle. I really like infinity scarves; somehow I can never get regular scarves to drape correctly and they always end up choking me, while infinity scarves just stay put naturally. The sweater skirt is nice and thick, not too short, and great for a little pop of color and pattern when paired with neutrals. And now that I have my elusive throw (details to come), I am officially done with Missoni madness.
Missoni for Target colore blue and brown cardigan, James Perse tee, MiH Marrakesh Star Patch jeans, Hermes belt and Swedish Hasbeens x H&M clogs
I really like this cardigan, particularly dressed casually and worn open with the sleeves pushed up. It's a size M, so it's an early Christmas gift for my mom
James Perse tee, Missoni for Target girls colore sweater skirt, Frye boots. I'm keeping this skirt because it's so comfortable and versatile, you can wear it with anything. Also wearable through winter with tights.
The only other item I'm keeping: the passione infinity scarf. Soft thick knit, matches my plethora of pink & purple clothes, nice pop of color and pattern for neutral outfits, plus now matches my couch and all my throw pillows :)
Missoni for Target Brown and gold marled infinity scarf. The quality of the knit is excellent, very delicate and fine and drapes nicely
Missoni for Target sleeveless multicolor zig zag sweater dress (girls XL). This is the dress I wanted most out of the entire collection. I'm not keeping it because I wouldn't wear over and over again. Plus it's a bit short. The skirt is more versatile.
The back of the colore (brown) ruana (poncho / shawl / wrap thingy). It's quite a unique piece and I like the color, I just don't really know how to wear it / what to wear it with. Plus brown is hard to match with my wardrobe
My best recreation of the Missoni for Target lookbook, although I would never wear Missoni + Missoni + Missoni out and about. What I'm wearing: Missoni for Target sleeveless multicolor zig zag sweater dress, Missoni for Target colore ruana (brown shawl / poncho), Missoni for Target brown zig zag tights, Opening Ceremony boots


  1. Hi, I just wanted to ask you what jean size do you usually wear? I just wanna order one of these beautiful skirts online, and I don't know what Girls size would fit me better L or XL? I am 25-26 in jeans. Waiting for your answer, thanks!

  2. I am jean size 24/25. It's probably safer to go with Xl for length. I'd say the skirt is a little loose on me, but given the stretchiness it is fine and won't fall down. I wore the skirt throughout my entire pregnancy.

    1. I am 5'5" with proportionally short legs (long torso). The zig zag dress is also a girls Xl and is super short.



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