Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Very Missoni Living Room (Updated)

Updated: the complete Missoni for Target pillow family: chevron pillow, loops pillow and oblong pillow (I have a pair of each)
My Missoni for Target toss pillows arrived in the mail today thanks to Mom W. who was able to track it down in upstate New York after a lot of persistence. She managed to snag a pair of the loops ribbon pillows as well as a pair of the chevron / zig zag embroidered pillows both in the passione / fuchsia colorway. As previously posted, the home goods were the part of this Missoni x Target collection that I was most looking forward to. We completely refurnished our family room few months ago and I'm really happy with all our new furniture. It's a little monochromatic; everything is a shade of brown, from the sectional, to the coffee table, to the jute rug, to the media stand. The room definitely needed to be livened up with a little color and personality and I think these awesome Missoni pillows do the trick. I've been looking for the perfect throw pillows for awhile, and I knew these would be the perfect pop of color and pattern for the otherwise traditional brown room. The rainbow of ribbon loops on the smaller loops pillow is so cheery and fun and the chevron embroidered zig zags on the other pillows are signature Missoni. I think the bright fuchsia really goes well with the brown sectional, plus there are similar tones of brown in the zig zags as the sectional. The quality of the Missoni for Target toss pillows are really good; the covers are 100% cotton and the ribbon loops are 70% wool. The fill and embroidery is rayon / polyester. The chevron embroidery is stitched well and cleanly, the edges and seams all appear straight and the pillows are really soft. They seem pretty durable, my dogs love them, especially the loops pillow and clearly have been testing them out even though they are not allowed on the couch... Unfortunately the lighting today has been bad for pictures, hopefully better pictures to come later.
Updated 9/26/11: I was able to find a pair of the copper / beige patterned oblong toss pillows in the famiglia colorway today which are perfect, as I needed a pair of lumbar pillows for lower back support as our couch is so deep. These famiglia pillows are perfect as they blend in with the couch really well as they are a little more neutral than the loop pillow and zig zag pillows. I really like the slightly raised velour lighter beige color and slightly shiny copper darker color pattern.
Family room before:
And after:


  1. Love the pop of color! Too bad they didn't make Missoni dog outfits, too (although those would have sold out as well!).

  2. I have you to thank for these pillows as well as your early east coast updates on the Missoni launch craziness helped me get prepared for the west coast launch. Hope you love your Missoni goods as well! Good thing they didn't make Missoni dog outfits, I would have gotten in a lot more trouble!



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