Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Milan Fashion Week SS 2012

Prada. Images from
I should have known from Gwyneth Paltrow's black Pucci midriff baring dress from the Emmys that bare midriffs were going to be a trend for Spring 2012. I'm definitely not a fan of the look; I just don't think bare midriffs are a good look in your 30's (Gwyneth just turned 39 and obviously looks great, but I thought the dress looked wrong on her, like she was trying too hard). Other trends from Milan included some loud prints and embellishments, and a couple of the Great Gatsby / flapper looks. Not as many athletic inspired looks, although not surprising for the Italians. Prada was all about ladylike pleats and bare midriffs separates, Armani was shades of all icy blues, Gucci had strong black and gold looks, Pucci had a gypsy influence, Versace was "Under the Sea" inspired, and Missoni was all about bold prints and embellishments. It's hard to pick a favorite as I didn't really see anything I would wear, but I thought Prada's collection was strong and interesting, and I liked some of the dressier looks from Gucci and Versace. Final stop...Paris
Prada. Like Marc Jacobs, I feel like Prada's collections always somehow look "fresh" and not derivative. Images from
Gucci. A couple of vaguely 20's inspired looks with the dropped waists. Images from
Gucci. Makeup was a little strong; the models looked a little scary. Images from
Some pretty typical Versace looks with all the studs. I'm definitely interested to see how the Versace x H&M collection is going to turn out. Images from
I quite liked the Versace gowns, although the one on the right was too literal "Little Mermaid" for me. Images from
Pucci Gypsy looks. The one in the middle was the one that Gwyneth wore to the emmys. Images from
Missoni. Lots of fringe, prints, and layers. Images from
Giorgio Armani. I preferred these casual looks to the more suiting looks. Very cold and icy feeling. Images from
L-R: Roberto Cavalli, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana. Between the midriffs and the bustiers, I feel like we're back in the 80's. Not a good thing.

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