Friday, September 16, 2011

ink.sack Review: Sandwiches Voltaggio Style

 I had lunch today at Michael Voltaggio's Ink.Sack today with my mom before heading to Koreatown for some groceries for the weekend's bbq. The shop is located on quite a posh stretch of Melrose, near Alexander McQueen, Marc by Marc Jacobs, etc, west of Fred Segal. I was so mad, I brought my camera, but forgot the memory card, so all I have are these crappy i-phone instagram photos. Can't wait for the new i-phone 5. The space is small with the order counter, blackboard walls, a few standup counters and and no seating. We ordered the Jose Andres, Banh Mi and Spicy Tuna Sandwich. Each sandwich was about $5-6 and on a mini hoagie roll / ficelle. It's actually fun to have these mini sandwiches; more to try. 3 was perfect for the 2 of us. I really liked all three sandwiches with interesting and unique flavors that you don't really find elsewhere. They were perhaps a touch too salty (and unfortunately they don't give out tap water there), but still very tasty. I actually think LA is lacking in good sandwiches, so this really hits the spot. Favorite might be the banh mi with the nice crunchy chicharrones which set it apart from the traditional banh mi. All the sandwiches were cold although the bread seemed slightly toasted. They were unfortunately out of the chicken liver mousse, which I really wanted to try. It's a pretty short menu, so I'm sure I will be back to try the rest of the menu soon.
Banh Mi: love the crunchy chicharrones with the pork, a little pate and pickled vegetables
Jose Andres: a hoagie with really good meat
Spicy tuna: just a little heat, very filling, meaty sandwich
What I'm really excited about is a Saturday night Ink reservation that I scored today for K's birthday next month, a few doors down from inksack. Reservations are available 30 days in advance through their website here. I haven't been this excited for a restaurant opening in awhile. I'll have to remember my memory card for that meal!
8360 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA

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