Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Missoni for Target Launch Review at 9:30am (Updated)

I can't believe I got hypnotized by these zig zags
Hints on what is coming my way (fingers crossed, if Target can work through their terrible IT issues). Updated pillow / living room pics here
Image from nytimes.com.
Image from target.com
However, this is what my day looked like when it started out:
The store was already long wiped out of even a single piece of Missoni x Target by the time I arrived at 9:30am at the La Cienega Target. I wasn't even planning on stopping by, hoping to wait until items went on markdown to pick up some items. Both the Go International and Calypso lines were heavily marked down at Target after a few weeks. I couldn't have been more wrong; I was so surprised that everything sold out, across the country, in only minutes. The clothes aren't really my usual style as I am a little pattern-shy, but I was potentially interested in some of the throws and pillows to liven up the new family room couch. I decided to check the store out at the last minute based on reports from East Coast friends about everything selling out, as well as the website crashing. After all, I'm a total sucker for hype. I knew it was going to be a little crazy at my store as I saw that Racked LA posted a photo of the line waiting to get in, but I went anyway, quite foolishly. When I got there, everything had been stripped clean; the employees had already put racks of regular clothes back where the Missoni had been merchandised. Dressing rooms were empty and clean as well, the only evidence were a few people with shopping carts loaded with Missoni items bartering their goods in front of the cash register. Most of the people clearly were grabbing anything they could to resell; this one dude was holding up a random pair of children's rainboots asking for a trade. A Target store associate said it was 10x crazier than any black Friday she's ever seen.
I'd say that the quality of the items in person are ok. Most of the materials for the clothes and homegoods are all synthetic: polyester and rayon blends (Update: I just looked at the fabric content of Missoni's mainline and it is largely synthetic as well). There was a lot of velour and fuzzy materials; a little too winter-y for LA. The throw I like is actually a fleecy velour material, but it was super soft and it will be comfy for TV watching on the couch. In any case, there was not a single item left in a store. A nice lady gave me a black openweave v-neck sweater that she decided against at the last minute, which was gracious of her since she could have easily bartered it for something else and I had nothing to offer. I bought it although I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it; there's nothing particularly Missoni-esque about with the exception of the very subtle zig zag print. Plus at $39.99 for a 100% rayon sweater, I just don't think it's worth it. However, I've got a couple of things coming thanks to my amazing mother in law and one quick online order in between the site being down that I'm extremely excited about, including the sleeveless sweater dress from the first ad and a pair of the zig zag toss pillows and a pair of the ribbon loop pillows in the passione colorway from the second ad. My couch and I can't wait! Although I shouldn't jinx myself because the online orders still haven't shipped yet and I've gotten delayed, and what I'm interpreting as possible cancellation, notices for every single thing ordered online (unbelievable that a retailer as big as Target can fumble something like this). Pictures to come hopefully...
The black sweater, my only launch day purchase which I've since returned since there's really nothing "Missoni" about it
The Missoni for Target zig zag infinity scarf in passione that I found while returning some items at Target today. It's surprisingly well made with 42% wool. May be my only Missoni x Target apparel piece that I end up getting which is fine by me since my online orders seem to be perhaps infinitely delayed. A little zig zag goes a long way in an outfit
Image from Racked LA of the store I went to

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