Friday, October 14, 2011

That was Easy - New iPhone 4S

Apple actually got it right and made enough iPhones to satisfy demand for their newest iPhone release, the 4S. I expected diehard fans to camp overnight with endless lines and soldout phones, so I didn't even plan on going to the store, even though my 3 year old iPhone 3G was on its last legs. I will easily wait in lines for fashion, but not technology :). Encouraged by reports of minimal waits at various Apple Stores, I drove down to the 3rd Street Promenade Store at 3:45pm. I was out of there by 3:55pm at the latest with a brand new white iPhone 4S (16gb); they really make it easy to buy their product. Kudos to Apple and the staff. I haven't really started to play with all the new features of the phone yet, just working on getting it all set up. Now I need a cute case...

Early review (10/16/11): I haven't had a chance to really play with it much, but it's awesome so far. It's sooo fast, although my perception may be particularly skewed since my iPhone3G was painfully slow and constantly froze. Siri's proven to be fairly helpful with simple tasks like setting an alarm, checking the weather, setting reminders and texting and calling people. For more complex tasks which require a web search, she hasn't been that helpful and I hate that it defaults to yahoo as the search engine (update, I was able to change the settings to google). After a bunch of CNET and Amazon research, I think I want the Otterbox Commuter as a case. Unfortunately the iPhone 4 version on Amazon is not compatible with the 4s (I wonder why), so I will wait a bit for it to go online.


  1. NY stinks! The line at the store 500 feet from my apartment is still a city block long.

  2. So you haven't gotten the iPhone yet? I heard reports on Friday that the 5th ave store only had 15 minute wait in the middle of the day. Maybe try that one. Or a Verizon / AT&T store.



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