Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mount Batur: Bali Volcanoes and Temples

Mount Batur on the left. You can see how its all volcanic ash on the hillside with little patches of green
I've been wanting to see a Bali volcano up close since our very first trip, as Mount Agung was quite close to Amankila, where we stayed. We visited Mount Batur this trip, as supposedly there are a lot more pushy tourist vendors around Mount Agung. I wish we could have gotten even closer to the volcano, next trip we will definitely wake up at 3am and hike up Mount Batur for sunrise (see, even after 3 trips to Bali, still more to see and do!). Still, it was pretty stunning from afar and the views from our touristy lunch buffet restaurant were great (though the food was mediocre). After lunch, we visited the surprisingly tourist-free Mount Batur Temple with all the tall pagoda spires, which was one of my favorite temples from the entire trip.
The lake by the volcano
Zoomed in picture of the top of Mount Batur
Like most temples, must wear a sarong and sash to enter the temple

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