Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Silverlake Snacks

I had a business meeting in Silverlake this afternoon and stopped by a couple of Silverlake places for some snacks on my way back to the Westside, since I'm unfortunately not in the neighborhood nearly enough. It was a beautiful day in the mid-70's, perfect for some neighborhood exploration. Days like this make me truly love and appreciate living in LA with the different character of various neighborhoods around the city. You can never get bored in LA! We first stopped at the charming Broome Street General Store for a refreshing iced coffee and oreo cookie on the lovely flowering patio. Next, we stopped by Cafe Tropical for a cuban sandwich and took home some guava empanadas that our friends M&M first introduced us to for a snack for later.
Iced coffee and oreo cookie
Nice, hot pressed cuban sandwich from Cafe Tropical
Love these guava empanadas; perfect combination of tart, sweet, and flaky
Some baked goods from Cafe Tropical
Getting close...which is good because I'm running out of clothes. H&M Mama dress, Prada sunglasses, Balenciaga bag and Toms shoes (anything with a heel is too dangerous since I was never that coordinated to begin with)

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