Sunday, June 16, 2013

Isabel Marant SS 2013 Sale Haul

Etoile Isabel Marant Salome shorts in red, black Capu Elvis studded belt, and Betty sneakers, Helmut tee
Patience has its rewards and paid off when I was able to find the Etoile Isabel Marant pieces that I've been coveting all season long at the end of season sales at the lovely Isabel Marant store and at Barneys for 30-50% off. I was also able to find exactly the colorways that I wanted, which is sometimes sacrificed by the time sale season rolls around. In particular, I've been eyeing the red Salome shorts, Cooper jeans in fuchsia, and Ariana tweed jacket all season long, hoping that they wouldn't sell out before they went on sale. The black studded Capu Elvis belt and Manuel romper were additional pickups that I just couldn't resist. The Salome shorts are fun and flirty, and while quite short, not scandalously so because they are shorts not a skirt, and they are oh so comfortable. I think they are reversible with a red and blue checked pattern on the other side and therefore thicker and not as see through or delicate as the Sid pants, which I love, but have ripped several times, perhaps beyond repair this last time. Isabel Marant does the best striped pants and tweed jackets, and both this seasons Cooper and Ariana are really nice versions. I also saw the Sumac Jacket in red at Barneys yesterday and it took all the willpower I had to resist, as cute as it is and as much as I would love an Isabel Marant quilted jacket, I really shouldn't get a jacket in the exact same color and pattern as the Salome shorts or another red jacket like the Ariana. I thought that I should keep only one, either the Ariana or Sumac and ultimately decided to go with the Ariana as I think it is slightly more flattering on me because it's more fitted and slightly dressier to add a little polish to my usual very casual wear. Still want the Sumac, but I think I'm going to hold off, I've gone way over budget as usual... The fit of her clothes this season is slightly smaller than fall; I took a 36 in everything, whereas I was a 34 in last season's Ivos and Itzels.
Etoile Isabel Marant Cooper jeans in fuchsia, Capu belt in black and Dickers, Lanvin x H&M tee
Isabel Marant Ariana jacket in red, black Sid trousers, Betty sneakers

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