Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pumpkin Tossing

Isabel Marant Ariana Jacket, Garland Skirt and Dicker Boots
An all Isabel Marant outfit for chasing little k around amongst the Halloween decorations. Had a nice very fall meal at Rustic Canyon last night, including some apple fennel radish salad, chicken with spaetzle and pork chops with cheddar polenta, topped off with a maple pot de creme and apple hand pies. It was a good meal, I definitely like what Jeremy Fox has done at the helm. Menu is a little bit limited, but understandable given the emphasis on seasonal local fare. It veered a bit on the heavily seasoned side but also understandable given the hearty fare. Wine list was a little pricy so we brought our own bottle of 2009 Rivers Marie Occidental Ridge Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir which went well with the meal. Overall, preferred our meal at Tar & Roses, but glad that we tried Rustic Canyon again. Nice to have some options in Santa Monica

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